Big Pine Lake

Big Pine Lake is an average sized, moderately clear lake located just northwest of Mille Lacs Lake in central Minnesota. It is a 635 acre lake that is part of the Mille Lacs Watershed with one island and an irregularily shaped 5.8 mile shoreline. A lot of the property owners refer to the lake as having the shape of an elephant's head with the island as the eye. Having a maximum depth of 78 feet and a variety of structure, its lakeshore owners enjoy recreational opportunities during any season from fishing and water skiing in the summer to ice fishing and snowmobiling in the winter.


Water Quality

For other lake maps as well as ATV, mountain bike, and snowmobile trails in the area see the Maps page.

Big Pine Lake Property Owners Association (BPLPOA)

Back in 1983 a trail was being proposed for development that would connect the Sherwood Forest Campground with direct access to Big Pine Lake. In response to that proposal a group of property owners that were against the trail met at Myr Mar Lodge and formed the Big Pine Lake Property Owners Association. As a result of their efforts at the time, the BPLPOA was able to block the proposal and prevent the trail from being developed.