Association Board

What does the Association Board do?Heron

The Association Board is responsible for coordinating, promoting, and/or carrying out...

  • The annual summer meeting for the Association members.
  • The placement of the weed bed signs on the lake.
  • The biannual BPLPOA "Adopt a Highway" roadside pickup.
  • Lake water quality testing including, but not limited to Secchi disc readings.
  • Hosting and/or promoting summer activities like the annual fishing contest, boat parade, and summer picnic.

The Association Board also works to improve life at the lake by...

  • Caring about the water quality which directly affects everybody's property values.
  • Bringing in guest speakers to each meeting to discuss topics like invasive species, fish habitats, boat inspection training, and more.
  • Providing useful tips and techniques to enhance your lakeshore living experience.
  • Preparing for the eventual presence of invasive species in the lake.
  • Interfacing with state and local environmental agencies and authorities on behalf of the property owners in matters that may affect our lake specifically, our area, or just lakes in general.
  • Being a "central point" for dissemination of any and all information on current and future environmental issues that may impact the enjoyment of the area or the health of the lake. i.e., storm water runoff, roadway dust control, aquatic invasive species, etc..
  • Sharing in celebrations and concerns regarding area residents and visitors

Click here to view additional information on the BPLPOA board including the meeting schedule or to view/download board meeting minutes or other public documents as they become available.

Board Members

  • Brad Ardner Vice President
  • Larry Foote President
  • Lynn Foote Member
  • Curtis Johnson Member
  • Art Halpin Member
  • Lon Helgemo Member
  • Chris Hocuk Member
  • Rome Hutchins Member
  • Jerry Low Member
  • Matt Margenthaler Member
  • Mike Moore Member
  • Hank Mullen Member
  • Kelly Philipps Secretary
  • Vern Watters Member
  • Richard Weber Member
  • Tim Zuel Treasurer
The list of Association Board members and their contact information can also be downloaded here.